Road Scholars Bluegrass 

(Photo by David Anderson - Waterloo, Que.)
Cheryl Maude - guitar, Bill Welburn - mandolin, Garth Priest - guitar
Rick Rossi - banjo, Perry Benedik - bass

Road Scholars has quietly become perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in Canada's bluegrass community. Established in 1999, and with numerous opening-acts over the years, as well as 2 excellent CDs to their credit (The Road Home and Someday Soon), Road Scholars has evolved into much more than just an opening-act band.

Trying to put a finger on just what makes the Road Scholars so enjoyable to audiences is not an easy task. While on some tunes they excel with their instruments, on others, it is the vocals. However, most of it can certainly be attributed to the good chemistry and friendship that has come to exist in the band, as well as lots of practice time, and just plain hard work.

They have performed at festivals and entertained audiences on both sides of the U.S.A./Canada border, and it is obvious to just about everyone who has seen them that the Road Scholars have indeed graduated, and become a well-respected featured band on their own.

Road Scholars scheduled appearances for 2018

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